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Saffron Shine Series

Saffron Shine Series

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Saffron - the world’s most expensive Spice does wonders for the skin. This simple 3 step skincare can transform your skin, giving you the sought after glow you’ve always wanted. Not only that !

SAFFRON is a powerful antioxidant that protects against UV damage and pollutants that produce free radicals. It heals everything from photo damage to loss of suppleness.

It comes with a string of benefits including, being an anti-inflammatory thus calming down acne-prone skin, helps skin recover from environmental stressors, reduces hyperpigmentation and is a strong anti-ageing ingredient you’ll want to have in your skincare !

Will all these benefits and more, we know why customers are experiencing such good results! 🤩 Incorporate your saffron shine series skincare today to reap the benefits it promises! ❤️

Series Includes: 

1. Rose Saffron Brightening Toner

2. Saffron Turmeric Serum 

3. Saffron Glow Moisturising Face Oil 



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